LESSON 10 - media darling

Word of the week: MEDIA DARLING

Related expressions 

1. media darling - a well-known and popular person, especially somebody in politics or entertainment, whose activities are widely covered by the mass media (informal) 
Not every celebrity can be a media darling, but once you become one your popularity grows very fast. 

2. media pundit – a person in the media who knows a lot about a particular subject and is therefore often asked to give an opinion about it
The media pundits all agreed that Obama will be the next American president.

In context

On the 20th of January Barack Obama was sworn into office and became the 44th president of the United States. The inauguration hype is slowly subsiding and Obamamania is slowly fizzling out. Yet, from the moment that Barack Obama was nominated to presidency the media hype surrounding him was intense. No other president was given so much media attention. No other president had a higher voter turnout and such political enthusiasm from American citizens. Some proclaim him to be the next Martin Luther King, others this generation’s John F. Kennedy.

Barack Obama is called the media darling. Even before he decided to run for presidency the media took an exceptional interest in the Afro-American senator. Major media pundits supported Obama claiming he had exceptional communication skills and his use of the English language proved he is articulate and eloquent. The camera loves him not only for what he says, but also for his looks and charm. Opponents of Barack claimed he won thanks to the favorable media coverage. Now the most powerful man in the world, and his family, will be covered around the clock by the press. This is part and parcel of such a high-profile position.

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