LESSON 6 - press kit

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Word of the week:

Related expressions 
1. a press kit - a packaged set of promotional materials, such as photographs and background information, for distribution to the press, at a news conference or before the release of a new product
A press kit was sent out to journalists promoting a new range of iPods.

2. testimonial - a statement about the character or qualities of someone or something
We rely on our customers’ testimonials to improve the quality of our products. 
3. run a story - to show something in a newspaper, magazine or on television
All newspapers ran the story of Obama making his first visit to the White House.

In context

In today’s lesson we’ll look at the elements of a good press kit. The definition above states it’s a packaged set of written materials distributed to the press to promote a product or a company. The press kit is a publicity message addressed to journalists who determine whether to take the message further and run a story, or throw it in the bin. If your press kit is well thought out your business may enjoy complete and accurate press coverage.

The first piece of writing is a pitch letter. Its role is to grab the reader’s attention strongly enough for him/her to read the backgrounder. As the name suggests this is the next piece of writing, written in third person, which contains background information to support your pitch. This is also the longest piece of writing at two or three pages.

The next elements are bios of people who are relevant to the pitch and a fact sheet. The biographical information of your experts should be simple and to the point. Some press kits may additionally include testimonials from people who have used the businesses’ products or services. The fact sheet contains a company description, and information and key facts about the company.

Depending on the type of business,  some press kits can be very elaborate. For example, fashion houses may send a CD or DVD of their newest fall collection, interviews with the designers and small samples of fabric. Today the majority of press kits are online, which makes it easier for anyone to access and read them.

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